I have your employee 720pm at the USA gas station on south El Monte i gave him 25.00 dollars bought a coke for 2.91 and my gas came to 17.09 when I confronted him he said no u gave me 20 I told him I gave him 25.00 and he check the cameras I dont know what kind of people you have working at your company that dont even know how to calculate Im really disappointed its not about the 5 dollars Is the moral if he wants to keep them or steal from people thats wrong I pumped gas in #12 17.09 at 720 pm 4/8/22 his box should have 5 dollars over I was a cashier I aint stupid

Location: Lakewood, California

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This child keeps giving me a thumbs down because I hurt their feelings.


You need to learn how to type in proper English before you bash someone for not being able to calculate. Also you don't know how to calculate. Why would you give $25 when you can clearly pay with a s $20 bill?


There is no way you gave a person a 20 and a 5 when the bill was under $20. You even listen to yourself? This website is obviously a joke


Oh, so you were there?


Are you even old enough to drink? I am asking because only a child would give someone a thumbs down for not agreeing with them.


Oh, so you were there?


That is why I thought if they had $20 why would they five $25 if the cost was less than $20.

@Oma Zsi

The bottom line Patricia/Oma Zsi is that you weren't there and you can't speak with any certainty as to what amount the OP gave to the employee.


I only have one account, you are the one that has many and you brag about hurting children. If you can explain how is it possible that the customer gave $25 when the cost is less than $20, Think of that before making false accusations and talking dirty about children.


Thanks you are the only nice one here. Everyone else is rude to me.

Anyways when I gave the money I thought i had a $20 and a $5 bill in my wallet then my $5 bill was missing, so i thought i accidentally gave her 5hat with the $20 bill. But it turned out that I had the $5 in my other compartment of my wallet, when i noticed that it was not there I thought he stole it.

anyways solved so you all can leave me alone. Except you you are the only nice one here.


The OP and her child abusing friend are jokes.

@Oma Zsi

OMA, you aren't fooling anyone who has spent any amount of time on this site! You change your username every week or so and have for about the last 9-10 years.

You always insult the letter writers and call them children and talk about people abusing children and spouses. I didn't realize people in metal health facilities had access to the internet.

What facility are you in? I'd like to have word with your caretakers.


You are the one talking about how you are attracted to children because daddy did things to you.

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